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I'm particularly proud of my Books for Boys sections. (Shhh, they're not just for boys, but most people who don't think of themselves as readers because they don't know about these amazing books yet.) Check them out with the tabs on the left.


Here are a few notes on some of the recent projects I'm working on right now:


5) Teaching Young Adult Literature, World literature, American literature, Utopia & Dystopia, and Grammars of Englishat a local university. (You can bet that Andrew Smith, A.S. King, Jason Reynolds, Laurie Halse Anderson, M.T. Anderson, Alex London and the other favorites in the Boy Book of the Month section of this site are mentioned often and lovingly.)


4) A Young Adult novel about a somewhat introverted boy who meets a very extroverted girl who takes him on as a pet project and teaches him... well, lots of things.  It features nudity in the very first chapter.


3) A completely unrelated YA novel to the first one, where an introverted girl shares the story of her lifelong friendship with a fearless boy, the fun they had, the times they barely escaped trouble, and the sad secret she carries with her to this day.


2) Serving on the Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) review committee and Nonfiction Honor List committee, to reward excellent books.


1) A Young Adult novel that defies easy description: Seventeen-year-old Timothy has suffered losses in his life, and Marathon follows him, 26 miles, 26 chapters, as he attempts to complete his first marathon.  It takes place in the present as he runs, and in intermittent flashbacks.  Each memory is a piece of a puzzle to understanding himself and accepting the perfect imperfection of life.

        Many of Timothy’s recent recollections include track coach and mentor, Charlie Fraser, whose running lessons, Timothy realizes, are the lessons of life, and vice-versa.  Ultimately, he has to confront the messiness of family, friendship, love and death.  At the core, his budding but tenuous relationship with quirky classmate Jordan awakens him to the idea that he's not the only one who's suffered, and that there is a similar kind of communal suffering in running a marathon, the kind that heals.


Jim Nicosia recently arranged, with Laura Nicosia, to bring writers like Gayle Foreman, e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, Arvin Ahmadi, Christopher de Vinck, and Dan Yaccarino to the 2019 Montclair Literary Festival.



Are you a boy, or do you know one?  Check out my Books for Boys section.  It's something I feel strongly about...

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