Jim Nicosia . . . The Official Answers to the Official FAQ's

After running the Hartford Marathon, October 2011
After running the Hartford Marathon, October 2011

I was five when I first started writing.  Weren't you?


Yes, one and a half.


Of course.  My website LOVES kids.


Yup, but I find Twitter to be more anti-social than social.  I do check out my Facebook page during the week, but I'm playing and having too much fun on the weekends to do so.  I keep forgetting my MySpace password and I don't think they want to e-mail me any more reminders!


Four, so far.  And six or seven half-marathons.  I don't recommend full marathons to any thinking human being.


Cheetah.  But a horse over a longer stretch.  (I once saw a man beat a horse in a half-mile race.  But the horse had to pull a cart with a man on it behind him.  The man didn't have to pull a cart and horse behind him.  So I didn't think that was too fair.)


Sometimes, but not too often.


I guess I wasn't really thinking.


Yes, I do.


Whatever he puts his mind to.


I have no idea.




Not as often as I should, but I'm getting better.


Only on Tuesdays.