Gelatinous things

A couple thoughts on energy/carb gels for long distance running...


1) MOST of them are truly awful, barely palatable.  The more you indulge in them, the more nauseated you grow.  Unless you're good at suppressing your gag reflex.

2) I was very excited to discover the Peppermint Stick flavor that GU released for the holidays.  It was quite palatable.  A nice Christmas present!  Now I have to search online for leftover boxes, so I can stock up for the year.

3) The honey-based ones?  WOW, ARE THEY SWEET!  I'll give it another shot, maybe on the road, but as a pre-running gel, it took quite some time for me to get it down!

4) NEVER use a gel if you're running less than a half-hour.  It's just not necessary, and can get your body in the very bad habit of feeling it needs something when it really doesn't.


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