Tunes to Make the Long Run Shorter

There’s nothing like a cold, snowy run in a park or along the trails with a personally selected group of songs playing in my ears from the iPad shuffle I borrow regularly from my son.


Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not one of those runners who always has to be plugged in to enjoy a run.  In fact, I probably only listen to music while running at most once a week, and that’s only for those long, lonely solo runs of 10+ miles.


But there ARE people who can’t bear to be alone with their thoughts and need music to carry them along.  I empathize with them, I really do.  During most of my races, my brain is constantly yelling at me to slow down, speed up, relax my arms, use that big guy over there to shield me from the wind.  Or it’s telling me how tight my calves are, how heavy my body feels, that my hamstring isn’t as healed as I thought it was, that trying for a sub-7:00 opening mile was a bad idea, or that running in general is a stupid thing for a fortysomething guy to endeavor.  It can be maddening.  I understand why races forbid personal listening devices.  It’s as close to cheating as anything I can conceive of.


But on those aforementioned long training runs?  Yeah, that kind of cheating is sometimes exactly what you need to get you to forget how much your body doesn’t want to do what you’re making it do.


There are some people who can (and do) listen to any kind of music, and are happy to do so.  I envy those people.  I really do.  Okay, no I don’t.  I can’t stand most contemporary pop music and feel that anyone who eats what the music companies are shoveling them are more or less brainwashed by the equivalent of fast-food music.  But that’s a different story, and my wife will be the first to tell you that you don’t want to get me started on that topic.


So then, what about the rest of us—those of us who are bored with the same old music over and over again?  Especially those of us more, er—mature runners who still enjoyed 80’s music more than any of the decades that came afterward?


What was that?  You want to know the SCIENCE of music as it pertains to running?  Well, of course I’d only be happy to oblige!  You see, studies have shown (and even if they hadn’t, pay attention the next time you’re listening to music and exercising and see if you’re stronger or weaker when a certain song starts or ends) that there are at least two, maybe three important variables to consider when pairing music with exercise.

The first, and most important is rhythm, or beats-per-minute.  Strangely enough, most middle-of-the-pack distance runners tend to take a similar number of steps per mile, and that pace translates to a musical beats-per-minute pace of roughly 180.  Now, there isn’t an abundance of songs written at that speedy rate, but halving that rate (90 BPM) also result in success.  Whether we like it or not, we tend to run to the pace of the music in our ears or on the course in the case of running series like the ING Rock-and-Roll races.


Now, in truth, you can find TONS of lists of songs on places like, spotify and itunes, but what I found was that no matter what the list, you’re going to find the same Big Hit Singles on each one of those lists.  If you’re not a fan of the same 100 songs you hear on the radio in the first place, you’re out of luck.  (But that’s where I come in).


The second variable to consider when selecting music I can label tone.  This is where people’s tastes vary.  Some like smooth, easy-flowing jazzy (or soft rock) sounds that allow them to float over the ground.  Others prefer the angst of hard rock, metal or industrial music to fuel them with a kind of aggression as they pound out the miles.

The last variable is vibe, and while this often overlaps with tone, this concept takes into consideration the lyrics of a song.  I know, some of you want to say that you don’t even listen to the lyrics.  And others say the lyrics don’t matter.  But every study ever done about positive reinforcement has shown that it matters in every way.  (After all, don’t most of us engage in positive mantras while running?  You know, like The Little Engine that Could?  I think I can, I think I can.)  The National Geographic series, Brain Games, recently aired an episode that revealed just how successfully positive words can affect someone trying to perform even the simplest tasks. (By the way, it’s a fantastic and engaging show that will teach you a lot about the world in the most fascinating experiments!)


Now, while I can’t guarantee that you’ll like all of the songs that I like, my hope is that at least you’ll find an artist that can make your training runs a little more enjoyable and/or successful.  This is the playlist I’ve been using lately.  For the sake of explanation, I’ve divided the songs into four categories, but most of the time I don’t mind shuffling between moods.  If you like a less schizophrenic running experience, you might stick to one category at a time.  (The lists are alphabetized by artists’ first names: sorry, that’s the way iTunes does it).


The first group let’s call Happy Music. These are the songs that serve to get your mind lost in the running, pacing your feet with an upbeat rhythm and lyrics that either don’t get in the way or lighten your footfalls.  If you want to glide over the ground, these are the songs to listen to.  Oh, and there are plenty of instrumentals here, too.  They’re also good highway driving songs, too—the kind that allow you to happily battle the traffic without getting stressed.


Acoustic Alchemy (pop-jazz fusion):

                  Flamoco Loco                        4:05          2001

                  So Kylie                               4:22          2005

                  Angel Of The South            6:41          2000

                  Tete A Tete                         4:44          2000

                  The Last Flamenco              4:20          2000

                  Kidstuff                                4:20          2000

                  Catalina Kiss                           4:36          1989

                  Evil The Weasel                     5:38          1988

                  Homecoming                         5:36          1991

Ambrosia (light rock):

                  Apothecary                              4:53          1978

Andrea Mingardi (Italian rock—yes, really):

                  Sai Ragazzo                             4:54          1994

Andy Narell (jazzy World music with steel pans):

                  Disorderly Conduct             6:40          1992

                  Down De Road                      3:17          1992

Andy Summers (melodic pop-jazz from the Police guitarist)

                  Easy On The Ice                     4:36          1990

                  World Gone Strange           6:31          1991

Arto Lindsay         (smooth Latin pop-jazz)

                  Habite Em Mim                     4:35          2004

                  Kamo (Dark Stripe)              4:46          2004

Average White Band            (70’s funk-rock)

                  Pick Up the Pieces                4:00          1974

Aztec Camera        (catchy pop)

                  Black Lucia                              4:00          1993

                  Vertigo                                  4:54          1993

                  Valium Summer                    5:54          1993

                  Beautiful Girl                         4:50          1995

The B-52's (80’s party rock)

                  Channel Z                                4:50          1989

                  53 Miles West of Venus            4:53          1980

Bob Marley & the Wailers (reggae, mon)

                  Jammin’                           4:42          1977

                  Could You Be Loved          4:27          1977

                  Waiting In Vain                     4:16          1977

Crowded House (alternative pop-rock)

                  Saturday Sun                         3:26          2010

                  Either Side of the World           4:35          2010

                  Twice If You're Lucky          3:33          2010

David Byrne (alternative rock with a World twist from the former Talking Heads leader)

                  Angels                                        4:41          1994

                  Don't Want To Be Part of Your World             4:58          1989

                  Office Cowboy                             3:42          1989

                  Strange Overtones                        4:16          2008

David Cullen & Michael Manring (virtuoso jazzy guitar/bass duo)

                  Shuffle In                                 4:45          2001

                  Buenos Dias                           6:03          2001

Depeche Mode (new wave kings of the 80’s)

                  Enjoy the Silence                 6:13          1990

Devo (still dishing up catchy pop with a beat)

                  Monsterman                           2:09          2012

                  Fresh                                           3:00          2010

                  What We Do                            3:17          2010

                  Cameo                                       2:50          2010

                  Later Is Now                            3:52          2010

                  March On                                  3:51          2010

                  Knock Boots                            3:36          2010

Donald Fagen      (you know, the guy from Steely Dan)

                  New Frontier                           6:21          1982

Electric Light Orchestra (70’s Beatle-esque champions)

                  Shine a Little Love              4:41          1979

                  Last Train to London              4:30          1979

Genesis (70’s-80’s British art rock)  

                  Turn It On Again                   3:51          1980

Haircut 100 (upbeat 80’s jangly-guitar pop)

                  Love Plus One                       3:34          1982

                  Fantastic Day                          3:13          1982

                  …and the rest of the Pelican West album!

Imogen Heap (hoarse-voiced electronic pop)

                  Swoon                                       3:54          2009

Jamiroquai (psychedelic rock)

                  Virtual Insanity                      5:41          1996

Jane Siberry (ageless singer/songwriter with a great voice)

                  Bound by the Beauty                            4:42          1989

                  Everything Reminds Me of my Dog 4:20        1989

                  Begat Begat                                               6:36          1995

John Cale (former Velvet Underground singer with a great gravelly voice

                  Zen                                              6:03          2004

                  Bicycle                                        5:05          2004

                  Face to the Sky                       4:57          2012

                  December Rains                        4:23          2012

Joey Fehrenbach (electronica that sweeps you away)

                  Being Around You                       7:35          2006

                  Behold                                      5:19          2006

Jovanotti (the king of Italian hip-hop/rock)

                  Bella                                           4:36          1997

                  Il Futuro Del Mondo                     4:29          1994

                  Viene Sera                               4:35          1994

                  Un Uomo                                 7:40          2002

                  Salato Parte Uno                            3:59          2002

                  Il Quinto Mondo                           4:32          2002

                  La notte dei desideri                             3:27          2011

                  Safari                                          4:24          2008

The Judybats         (quirky 90’s pop with jangly guitars)

                  Our Story                                  4:34          1992

                  She's Sad She Said                    3:18          1992

Kate Bush (ageless and quirky singer/songwriter)

                  Why Should I Love You?                 5:02          1993

Laurie Anderson (even more quirky experimental songwriter with a great sense of humor)

                  Only an Expert                       7:26          2010

Level 42 (80’s dance-pop)

                  Lessons In Love                    4:06          1986

                  World Machine                      5:17          1985

                  Something About You              4:27          1985

Luca Carboni (smooth Italian adult pop)

                  Ex. T. Blu                                 4:11          1995

                  Ho Visto Anche Degli Zingari Felici 3:44      2009

Lucio Dalla (gravel-voiced Italian songsmith)

                  Nun Parlà                                 3:53          1996

                  Io Tra Un'ora Sono Li        4:23          1999

Masayoshi Takanaka           (the king of Japanese jazz-pop)

                  Blue Lagoon Surf                4:23          2010

                  LAGOON DAYDREAM                     5:44          2010

                              月と金星                                      5:24          2009

                  Nightmare                                5:07          2011

                  Blue Lagoon 'K'                    4:38          2011

Matmos (electronica with a dance beat)

                  Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan  5:21     2006

New Order (80’s-90’s alternative Brit-dance-pop)

                  Fine Time                                 4:43          1989

                  Round & Round                                     4:32          1989

New Orleans Night Crawlers (New Orleans jazz)

                  Pick Up The Pieces                        8:15          1997

Nick Heyward        (singer from Haircut 100)

                  Atlantic Monday                           5:12          1983

                  The Kick of Love                            4:36          1983

The Ocean Blue (90’s British upbeat pop)

                  Mercury                                      4:13          1991

Ohio Players         (funk, man!)

                  Fire                                              4:32          1973

Oingo Boingo      (quirky, edgy, adventurous alternative rock with xylophones)

                  Just Another Day                                     5:13          1985

                  Same Man I Was Before              3:24          1985

                  Islands                                       4:41          1982

Orange Juice         (80’s New Wave pop)

                  Rip it up                                    3:45          1982

Paolo Conte         (gravelly voiced smoky lounge singer)

                  Gli Impermeabili                                    3:55          1984

Pat Metheny Group (the king of American jazz)

                  Here To Stay                            7:39          1995

Patrizia Laquidara (Italian lounge pop)

                  Ziza                                             3:53          2007

                  Sciroppo di mirtilli                      3:52          2003

                  Kanzi                                          3:37          2003

Perpetual Groove (jazzy improvisational stoner pop)

                  Three Weeks                                              9:17          2003

Pino Daniele        (Italian pop-jazz guitar virtuoso with a woodwind voice)

                  Alibi Perfetto                                            4:24          1999

                  Viaggio Senza Ritorno                                 4:34          1999

                  Stella Cometa                                          3:52          1999

                  Continueremo A Navigare                          3:54          1997

                  La Mia Emozione Più Forte                       4:20          1997

                  Back Home                                                 3:31          2007

                  …and many others

Poi Dog Pondering (quirky pop-folk-alternative rock with upbeat lyrics)

                  Complicated                           4:09          1995

                  The Shake of Big Hands             5:21          1995

                  Watermelon Song                         5:15          1990

The Police (come on, you know The Police!)

                  Voices Inside My Head               3:53          1979

Roddy Frame        (silk-and-honey-voiced songwriter)

                  Here Comes the Ocean               3:23          1998

Roger Hodgson (from Supertramp)

                  You Make Me Love You            4:59          1988

Spandau Ballet (edgy dance music)

                  Chant No. 1                             4:08          1982

Split Enz (New Zealand alternative rock)

                  I Walk Away                              3:50          1984

                  Doctor Love                            4:17          1984

                  Make Sense Of It                   3:34          1982

                  The Choral Sea                      4:39          1980

Steely Dan (timeless smooth keyboard pop)

                  Hey Nineteen                         5:07          1993

                  Glamour Profession           7:30          1993

                  Time Out of Mind                 4:13          1993

Talk Talk (eclectic alternative post-rock)

                  Living In Another World   6:55          1986

Talking Heads (kings of the punk/New Wave era)

                  I Zimbra                                                      3:09          1979

                  Animals                                                       3:30          1979

                  Blind                                          5:00          1988

                  (Nothing But) Flowers               5:36          1988

                  Moon Rocks                            5:05          1983

Todd Rundgren (ageless pop music)

                  Tables Will Turn                    8:51          1995

                  Truth                                           5:13          2004

                  Living                                         5:36          2004

                  Parallel Lines                         4:25          1989

                  In My Mouth                           4:17          2013

                  “Healing, part III”                  5:30          1981

Was (Not Was) (very fun, fairly weird R&B pop)

                  Are You Okay?                                 4:30          1990

Wax UK (easy pop)

                  Bug in the Machine                      4:22          1991       

Way of the West

                  Don't Say That's Just for White Boys (12")     7:28          2008

Zucchero (the Springsteen of Italy)

                  You Make Me Feel Loved                            4:00          2004         

                  Occhi                                                            3:39          2006

                  Ahum                                                           4:44          2001


The second group is Aggession-Music, or “Dammit, I’m getting up that hill no matter what” Music.  Sometimes you need a kick in the pants, a heavy dose of attitude to keep you from giving up.  These are those songs.  If you don’t like hard rock, you’d better skip this section entirely (but there’s very little with any objectionable lyrics):

Bob Mould (angry hard rock from Husker Du’s frontman)

                  Stop Your Crying                                    4:30          1990

                  Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace             5:32          1990

                  Trade                                                            5:24          2002

                  Whichever Way The Wind Blows              6:26          1989

The Clash (if you don’t know The Clash, you’ve missed something)

                  London Calling                             3:20          1977

                  Clampdown                                     3:50          1977

                  Lost In The Supermarket                    3:48          2003         

                  The Magnificent Seven                       5:33          1977

                  Rock The Casbah                               3:43          1977

Crowded House         

                  That's What I Call Love               3:40          1986

Danny Elfman (yes, the soundtrack composer)

                  Sucker For Mystery                5:19          1984

                  Lightning                                 3:46          1984

Depeche Mode

                  New Dress                                3:44          1986


                  Gates of Steel                         3:28          1980

                  Through Being Cool                    3:19          1981

Front 242 (repetitive, angst-fueled industrial music)

                  Tragedy (For You)                                   4:32          1990

Front Line Assembly           (danceable angst-fueled industrial music)

                  Iceolate                                     5:16          1990

                  Exhale                                        5:28          2013

                  Final Impact                            6:04          1992

                  The Blade                                 5:51          1992

Gary Numan          (danceable angst-fueled industrial music)

                  Metal                                          4:04          1979

                  Films                                           4:11          1979

                  A Question of Faith                      4:52          1994

                  Big Noise Transmission             4:20          2012

God Lives Underwater (guitars and drum machines)

                  All Wrong                                 4:55          1995

Harry Connick, Jr. (no, I’m not kidding; this is a song that moves)

                  Mind On The Matter                    4:09          1996

Helmet (harsh but talented jazzy metal)

                  Wilma's Rainbow                          3:54          1994

                  Unsung                                     3:58          1992

                  Fbla II                                         3:22          1992

                  See You Dead                                 3:48          2004

                  Last Breath                                       3:03          2004

                  …and most of their other songs

Jean Leloup (quirky French rock)

                  Le Monde Est A Pleurer             4:51          1996


                  Tanto                                          3:31          2005

                  Attaccami La Spina                      3:44          1994

The Knack (great guitar solo; NOT the single version)

                  My Sharona                             5:06          1979

Lucio Dalla

                  Trash                                           5:06          1999

Marillion (British art-rock; think angrier Genesis)

                  Incommunicado                                     5:17          1987

Michael Manring (possibly the world’s best bassist)

                  Dromedary                               4:15          2004

                  Helios                                        4:21          2005

                  Big Fungus                              3:36          1994

                  Disturbed                                 3:05          1994

Midnight Oil (one of the original grunge artists)

                  Blue Sky Mine                        4:16          1989

                  Sell My Soul                           3:37          1988

                  Read About It                         3:53          1982

Nitzer Ebb (heavy-on-the-rhythm industrial music)

                  Control I'm Here                   3:53          1988

                  Rope                                           3:27          1990

Poi Dog Pondering

                  Jack Ass Ginger                       5:33          1992

The Police

                  Message In A Bottle             4:51          1978

                  Synchronicity I                       4:58          1979

Primus (metal that defies description)

                  Jerry Was A Race Car Driver                 3:11          1991

The Spent Poets (quick-paced alternative rock)

                  Mr. Einstein                             4:19          1992

                  Your Existential Past          3:53         1992

St. Vincent (Annie Clark)  (scratchy guitars and piercing lyrics)

                  Birth In Reverse                     3:16          2014

                  Digital Witness                      3:22          2014

                  Cruel                                           3:35          2011

Sugar      (see Bob Mould)

                  Tilted                                          4:08          1993

                  JC Auto                                      6:13          1993

                  Feeling Better                         6:22          1993

                  The Act We Act                        5:10          1992

                  A Good Idea                           3:47          1992

Therapy? (Irish hard rock when you’re in an angry mood)

                  Living In the Shadow of the Terrible Thing                  3:56          2012

                  Enjoy The Struggle                       4:11          2009

                  Crooked Timber                    5:52          2009

                  Low Winter Sun                    4:19          2010

                  Stories                                       3:11          1995

                  30 Seconds                              5:25          1995

                  Rise Up (Make Yourself Well) 2:49  2004

                  Teethgrinder                           3:27          1992

                  Little Tongues First                      4:25          1999

                  Femtex                                       3:14          1994

                  Unrequited                             3:03          1994

                  Brainsaw                                   6:28          1994

                  …and most of their other songs

24-7 Spyz (ska-hard rock)

                  We'll Have Power                  3:42          1990

Todd Rundgren

                  Espresso (All Jacked Up)           5:52          1995

                  Mercenary                                 4:03          2008

                  Strike                                          3:30          2008

Ultravox (80’s new-wave Romantic rock)

                  Accent On Youth                          4:45          1981

                  The Ascent                               2:20          1981

Utopia (see Todd Rundgren)

                  The Marriage of Heaven and Hell   4:19          1979

                  Communion with the Sun                6:56          1978

UB40 (Reggae)

                  The Earth Dies Screaming                  8:21          2010

White Zombie (er, um… hip-hop metal?)

                  More Human Than Human               4:29          1995

XTC (new-wave meets punk meets pop)

                  Down In The Cockpit                   5:28          1982

                  Poor Skeleton Steps Out           3:28          1989

                  Across This Antheap                    4:52          1989


                  Music In Me                             3:21                            2001

                  Porca L'oca                              3:28          2001

                  Datemi Una Pompa                     4:14          1998

                  O.L.S.M.M.                                3:33          1998


The third group is the Vibe group, those songs that inspire you with their positive attitude and often have some attention to running itself.  This is the feel-good category, kind of like having a coach inside your head constantly telling you “You can do this.  Keep up the good work.  Atta boy.  Atta girl!”  Though many songs from the first group could fit here, I only listed the most inspirational and/or fun.

Aztec Camera

                  Oblivious                                 3:12          1983

                  All I Need Is Everything              5:50          1985

The B-52's

                  Topaz                                         4:21          1989

Bruce Springsteen

                  Born To Run                           4:31          1975

Crowded House

                  Don't Stop Now                    3:54          2007

Roddy Frame

                  Turning the World Around                3:16          2002

Hinterland (Scottish rock)

                  (Racing up this) Dark Hill                   4:31          1999

Jamiroquai (psychedelic rock)

                  Use The Force                         4:01          1997


                  Coraggio (Courage)             4:18          2005

Kate Bush              

                  Running Up That Hill                 5:04          1985

K.C. & The Sunshine Band (70’s dance pop)

                  That's The Way (I Like It)    3:07          1975

                  Keep It Comin' Love           3:55          1977


                  Childhoods End?                4:33          1985

                  White Feather                         2:25          1985

New Radicals (90’s pop)

                  You get what you give        5:02          1993       

Newsboys (almost too catchy Christian rock)

                  In the Belly of the Whale          3:05           2002

The Ocean Blue (90’s British upbeat pop)

                  Peace Of Mind                       3:01          1993

                  Bliss Is Unaware                    2:24          1993

                  Mercury                             4:13          1991

Poi Dog Pondering

                  Everybody's Trying               5:03          1990

                  Big Walk                                    4:48          1990

Roddy Frame

                  Bigger Brighter Better         3:27          1998

Steven Curtis Chapman (contemporary Christian rock)

                  Dive                                             3:59          1999

Talk Talk                 

                  Happiness Is Easy                         6:31          1986

Talking Heads

                  Air                                                3:34          1979

Tears For Fears (80’s alternative rock)

                  Everybody Wants to Rule the World 4:12      1983

Todd Agnew (Christian rock)

                  Grace Like Rain                     4:22          2005

Todd Rundgren

                  Courage                                                      3:44          2008


                  Reap the Wild Wind                    3:50          1982

                  The Song (We Go)                3:31          1982


                  Say Yeah                                   3:04          1982

Was (Not Was)

                  I Feel Better Than James Brown       4:45          1990

                  Walk The Dinosaur                                                  4:22          1988

Will Powers (self-help dance music; weird but strangely effective)

                  Smile                                                            6:28          2004

The Woodentops (80’s rockabilly on steroids)

                  They Can Say What They Want         4:15          1988


                  Jason and the Argonauts                    6:09          1982

                  Garden Of Earthly Delights               5:03          1989

                  The Mayor of Simpleton                     3:58          1989

                  We're All Light                                         4:39          2000


The fourth group may be a surprise: Floating on Clouds.  These are songs that don’t fall within that 90-180 BPM realm.  Many of them are at the halfway mark of 45 BPM, but most have no discernable beat at all.  This kind of music doesn’t so much propel you as it does lighten you.  Because of the songs’ ethereal nature, you’re likely to lose yourself in them, and (hopefully) forget any pains or troubles as they carry you into the clouds.  Slow music for running?  Yeah, try it.  It works!  (Just don’t run in traffic while listening to these):

Acoustic Alchemy

                  Lullaby for the First Born         3:36          1991

Alaska & Halloween (see Talk Talk)

                  After the Flood                      5:34          2012

Andreas Vollenweider (yeah, harp music)

                  World Inside a Grain of Sand          5:15          2009

                  Still Life                                                                        5:38          1989

                  Moon Dance                                             4:11          1986

                  The Secret, The Candle And Love  3:44          1986

Bruce Springsteen

                  Streets of Philadelphia              3:17          1994

David Hykes (meditative voice music)

                  Anything from Harmonic Meetings, or before 2000

Franco Battiato (gravelly voiced, soaring music)

              Anything from Shadow, Light

Howard Jones      (yeah, that uber-positive guy from the 80’s)

                  Hide And Seek                       5:39          1984

Loscil     (ambient music)

                  Diable Marin                          4:15          2002

Luca Carboni

                  La Nostra Storia                    4:52          2001

Luis Bacalov (orchestral composer)

                  I Suoni Dell' Isola (& others from the Il Postino soundtrack)

Michael Manring

                  You Offered Only Parabolas             6:13          1994

Pino Daniele (haunting elements of a cappella)

                  Africa A Africa E                              5:55          2001

                  Arriverà L'Aurora                            2:31          2004

Riley Lee/Gabriel Lee (Japanese meditation music)

                  Anything from Satori.

Sufjan Stevens:

                  Vito's Ordination Song                       7:07          2003

                  Oh God Where Are You Now?                   9:24          2003

The Sugarplastic (90’s quirky alternative mellow punk)

                  Soft Jingo                                                   5:27          1996

Suzanne Vega

                  Medley: Ironbound/Fancy Poultry                   6:19          1987

Talk Talk

                  Time It's Time                         8:11          1986

                  New Grass                               9:40          1991

Tears For Fears

                  Famous Last Words             4:31          1989

Thomas Dolby (yes, the guy who did those kooky songs)        

                  The Flat Earth                         6:40          1985

'Til Tuesday

                  Coming Up Close                 4:44          1986

Todd Rundgren (meditative)

                  Healing, Pt. 1                          7:32          1981

                  Healing, Pt. 2                          7:51          1981


                  Chalkhills And Children           5:00          1989


Now, while I don’t consider this list to be in any way complete, my hope is that there might be something useful to many of you.  I can’t even say that’s a definitive list, only my favorites right now in 2014.  But there is one thing I can say for this collection: it’s not full of everything you’ve heard before.  So, take a chance.  Let the music lift you up, and, as always, have fun!