I've never LMAO

I just responded to someone's Facebook post.  It was a very funny picture, so I responded with my usual answer to something that makes me laugh out loud… specifically, "Bwaahaahaa!"

I know, some of you are saying, "If you laughed out loud, shouldn't you have just written 'LOL'."  My answer to this is: no.  My experience with that acronym is threefold:

1) Some people write LOL indiscriminately, so even if they write it as a response to your post, you are correct to wonder if they even read what you posted.

2) Even if they really mean it, EVERYONE writes LOL.  Therefore, it doesn't even mean that much any more.  It's like "love" and "hate."  What do they mean anymore?  "I love broccoli; I hate the Kardasshians; I love my car; I hate my boyfriend."

3) You can never tell for certain if someone is writing it sincerely or not, so whenever you read LOL, you can pretty much assume they're doing little more than clicking the "Like" button, which in itself could mean anything, too—anywhere between "I honestly, sincerely enjoyed what you wrote in such a way that it improved my day and/or made me think seriously about something I had not previously considered" and "I read your post."

So what am I saying?  I'm saying, if you really laughed at something, you could come up with a response that is uniquely you, and takes maybe 1.3 seconds longer to type than LOL.  You know, something like, "Holy sh*t, that's funny" or "That's g--damn hilarious, bro!"  Your friends will love you for it, and we'll be a better world because of it.

That is all.

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